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CAD/CAM Systems for Optimal Operations and Profits

Our Software Systems are designed with your entire laser cutting process in mind, improving operations on the front end that improve your throughput and prevent downtime. Benefits include nesting for optimal cutting; nozzle interference simulation; CAD file import including IGES, DXF, and DWG data; User modification with analysis; and extremely fast output of NC Code – faster than the machine can cut it.

When used properly, our software reduces the amount of time spent designing and programming the laser cutting process dramatically – from 4-1/2 days to 5-1/2 hours is possible! The table below will help direct you to the software that you need.

MAZAK SMART SYSTEM is a PC based CAD/CAM system that enables you to eliminate numerous, traditional, non-productive steps in sheet metal processing and go to actual production quicker than ever before. It will allow you to create accurate drawings while at the same time viewing the geometry of your products—no matter what your experience level is. You will be able to automatically process work for the production floor without highly skilled operators.

  • 2D CAD function
  • 2D IGES input/output
  • 2D DXF input/output
  • 2D laser processing
  • 3D sheet metal modeling
  • Nesting
  • Program simulation
  • 3D SAT input

SPACECAM is a 3D, PC-based CAM system that will allow you to process more 3D parts by drastically reducing the typical preparation time needed to cut a part.

  • 3D IGES input
  • 3D laser processing of formed tubing or stamped parts
  • Program simulation
  • Nozzle interference check
  • Fixture nesting
  • 3D VDA-FS input
  • 3D Parasolid input
  • Fixture data creation & NC code generation

FG-CAD/CAM is a PC based system for tube & pipe processing will process the most complex pipe shapes in a fraction of the time traditionally used. 3D modeling enables you to produce tighter fitting, more accurate pipe joints.

  • 2D CAD function
  • 2D IGES input
  • 2D DXF input
  • 3D pipe design menus
  • 3D IGES input
  • Nesting Program simulation
  • 3D laser processing of tube or structural shapes for the rotary axis
  • Nozzle interference check
  • 3D Parasolid input




Smart System


3D CAD/CAM, Fixturing, Simulation

3D Rotary CAD/CAM, Nesting, Simulation

2D CAD/CAM, Nesting, Sorting






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